Strong Authentication

Fraud attempts evolve quickly and grow every day. To combat these real vulnerabilities, DINAMO’s strong authentication solution with two factors, allows the insertion of one more security factor, besides the password. This second factor significantly increases the security of transactions. This solution is generally used by insurance companies, financial services, government and telecommunications companies.

Data Encryption

DINAMO Networks encryption solutions guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of information stored under the responsibility of the company, such as credit card numbers, confidential transaction data, personal information of users, consumption history and more.

With the DINAMO encryption solution, all types of files (text, doc, pdf, image, voice, video, etc.) are protected when storing on stations, servers, remote sites, and during transport via e-mail, websites , pen drives and other devices. Including emails, other types of files, virtual machines and data in the cloud.


PCI DSS is a payment card industry data security standard that promotes the security of cardholder data for organizations that store, process, or transmit accounting data.

Compliance with the PCI DSS is achieved by meeting a minimum set of requirements. And the PCI DINAMO solution meets four of the most important:

  • Protect data from stored credit cards;
  • Strict access to credit card data by business and by people who actually need to access it;
  • Assign a unique ID for each network user and system;
  • Use encryption when transmitting credit card data, maintain a Vulnerability Management program.

Data Encryption

The DINAMO security solution for credit and debit transactions using chip cards and magnetic stripe cards allows security features for integration and management of payment and electronic funds transfer processes. From user and card authentication to POS or ATM, to central processing, always adhering to current standards.

When an ELO card is used today in a transaction that is distributed by Bradesco, Banco do Brasil and Caixa Economica banks, it is the DINAMO XP (HSM) solution that validates and performs the verification of the card authenticity. Each of them has a unique security key, which is generated by the HSM DINAMO. Our solution allows the operations of each chip card to be unique and customized.

DINAMO Networks also supports all credit card transactions of and websites. The DINAMO solution was chosen to meet PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

Safe 365

O Safe 365 is a family of practical and modern DINAMO solutions that promote the confidentiality of e-mail, documents, spreadsheets, projects, photos, videos and all content that is produced by Microsoft®, Adobe®, Autodesk® and all the other applications that you already use in your environment.

Fully integrated with the Microsoft platform, the Safe 365 can be hired in the way that best meets the needs of the most varied companies.


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