Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) era started a while ago. Much has been said about the subject, after all, we already have many products and services available. Smart homes – that make lights turn on, doors open, and TVs turn on while we’re still getting out of the car – unmanned vehicles even real-time farming information are already realities that get the internet into our routine.

According to Gartner’s forecast, we will have more than 20 billion things connected by 2020. IoT provides businesses with business opportunities, customer relationship enhancement, new products and services as well as another vision in analyzing data, resulting in new revenue opportunities, reduced costs and increased operational efficiency.

However, the more devices connected to the network, the greater the risk exposure, such as data theft or hijacking, information change or even the connected environment. This is due to safety flaws on both sides, manufacturing and use. Therefore, from the point of view of information security, we need to consider the possible security breaches that industries can overlook.

Insecure web interface, weak or insufficient authentication, insecure network, absence of encryption, insecure mobile and cloud interface, and security settings that leave the software unsafe are some flaws that should not exist. Manufacturers should take a minute care in all stages of implementation of its products and services, ie, from the design, development and deployment to the release.

But we can not exempt users from their responsibility. They must pay attention to acquiring products from companies that value this security, and more than that, they must guard themselves by avoiding taking on and off-line actions that make them vulnerable.

In addition to using safe and quality products, keeping devices and systems up to date is another recommendation. Creating hard-to-find passwords also enhances security, as do encrypted backups of your data and files



With IoT, the future has arrived, but we can not leave a loose end in the present. It is more than necessary that together, manufacturers and society, we fight as we can to take advantage of this new reality in a not only healthy but also safe way. Consciousness must come from each of us, and the way of security, in this sense, is twofold.

SOURCE: TI Especialistas


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